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She had actually almost been kidnapped when she took her father's car (at 14 yrs old) and drove to a nearby shopping center where she was meeting up with a man from online who supposedly was going to whisk her away on an airplane.

By a stroke of luck, her grandmother just happened to be shopping there that day, saw her and stopped her in time. It was very disturbing to see all this happen to a bright, sweet, beautiful young girl.

What stuck out to me is that the OP's twelve yr old daughter would not know what the meaning of flirt meant but the nine yr old was actually behaving in a much more sexually advanced or knowledgeable way ( about flirtation etc).

Maybe some of you recall my other thread about my 9 yr old "drama queen" (she proudly calls herself that! She is very emotionally volatile and we were having the worst time with her about 5-6 months ago.

She was constantly throwing screaming, hysterical fits, threatening to call the police and claim we are abusing her, threatening to jump out a window, threatening to stab herself with knives, insulting and berating me and her siblings.

So I told her-- she is banned from the game for a week and if I catch her chatting again, that's it, she's not using that game again. My 12 year old daughter would not even know what the word "flirt" means.

I am thinking, though, that she simply cannot be trusted around the computer and that I should perhaps stop all internet access for her entirely.

She actually arranged to lose her virginity in the family bathroom at a walmart, while her mother was shopping, but it didn't work out.

She was still last I knew talking to multiple men online, receiving money from 3 of them on secret debit cards that she had obtained under a false name, and had resorted to stealing from her mother to buy airtime on her two secret cellphones for "sexting" and picture mail.

She seemed to understand what I was trying to explain and she promised not to do it again.

I had my oldest son check the chat settings before she played this game after that point to make sure the channels were off.

I know that even if she gets her act together, years of late nights talking to and believing in sleazy men 20 yrs her senior is bound to have an effect on her.

PLease protect your daughter no matter what it takes. That was the first thing that I thought of actually after reading the original post, it sounds to me like the child has encountered or been exposed to some sort of sexual abuse.

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